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Chris Moorman is an experienced entrepreneur in the hemp/cannabis space. After getting Indiana's second hemp license, Chris was instrumental in getting SB516 through the Indiana Legislature, being called to testify multiple times as an expert witness. After passage, Chris and brother Erik Moorman built and operated Indiana's first cannabinoid processing facility, going from formation to extraction in less than 150 days. Chris has also built a successful CBD retail brand, SaintGene, found in independent pharmacies across the Midwest, while still consulting on several grows and extraction facilities across three states. Chris looks forward to new challenges in this rapidly changing industry and bringing his team of botanists, engineers, and experienced extraction professionals to assist your team. 



Erik is an operations manager with over 10 years of hands-on experience operating, installing, and developing various mechanical and electrical systems. Erik is a veteran of the United States Navy where he served as a submariner providing engineering and maintenance support for the primary nuclear reactor plant systems of his vessel. Upon completion of his military service, Erik held engineering roles in the private sector in both the energy and manufacturing industries. In 2015, Erik and his brother started their first business converting “upcycled” shipping containers into self-contained, fully-automated, modular hydroponic growing facilities. During this time, Erik was primarily responsible for designing, installing, and programming the mechanical and automation systems. Soon after, Erik relocated to Michigan, where his automated growing containers allowed him to break into the Cannabis market as a vertically-integrated grower and processor. Most recently, Erik partnered with an Indiana hemp farm to design and build-out one of the first commercial hemp processing facilities in Indiana. Now, Erik and his team have turned their focus towards consulting where they are devoted to developing custom solutions at all stages of commercial cannabis/hemp production, including
cultivation, genetics, drying/curing, facility design, and botanical plant extraction.

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Ian is a Chemical Engineer with a diverse technical background specializing in applying mainstream Chemical and Manufacturing experience to the Cannabis Processing industry. He is proficient at process modeling, unit operations design, process analytics, safety and hazardous operations analysis, and feasibility/profitability analysis. Previously, he worked as a Staff Process Consultant for a major process safety consulting firm in the oil and gas industry, specializing in overpressure and hazardous operations analysis. During his time there, he co-authored a white paper analyzing the factors affecting the severity of plant-wide external fire, that was the basis for a brief talk presented at the AIChE Global Safety Congress in 2016. More recently, his skills were utilized to achieve ISO 9001 quality management certification for an international plastics manufacturing organization. Ian holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology where he also was granted a certificate in Consulting Engineering.



Matt is a botanical specialist with extensive knowledge of cannabis botany, growing techniques, and cultivation methods that maximize efficiency and quality of products produced. At Cornell Agritech, Matt performed genetic research to determine the reproductive strategies of Phoma betae, a fungal pathogen affecting the New York and Washington State table beet crops. During his time there, he developed successful disease management strategies for farmers. Matt’s plant research experience continued at Plant and Food Research in New Zealand, Purdue University, and local businesses where he gained valuable experience managing greenhouses and building and running a commercial hydroponic farm. Matt holds a B.S. in Plant Science from Purdue University’s College of Agriculture, where he also received minors in Plant Biology and Environmental Science. Matt has brought his botany experience to the cannabis industry as a key start-up member of one of the first hemp extraction operations in Indiana, while also directly consulting with hemp growers and designing hemp breeding programs.

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