Modular Facilities

As a leader in the supply of modular cleanroom systems, CBD Modular has the experience and capabilities to meet the inevitable standards that will affect the growing cannabis industry. With our highly adaptable systems, CBD Modular can quickly deliver the required level of environmental control within your facility.

Our Modular Applications Systems

Free Standing Wall Systems
Heights up to 18'
Load Bearing Capabilities
Flush Wall Surfaces
Floor to Ceiling Wall System
Extended Height & Load Bearing
Smooth Wall Surfaces
Additional Thickness Provides
Thermal Insulation
Modular Container Systems
Shortest Production to Delivery Timeline
Integrated Wall Systems
Complete Self-Contained Units
Load Bearing

CBD Modular partners with North Scientific Contracting and Service to provide the highest quality equipment. With their help, we are able to offer:

3 Stage Thin Film Distillation System
  • Fully adjustable throughput from 15 –45 KG/HR.

  • Continuous distillation for heat sensitive or high boiling molecules.

  • Deep vacuum for gentle separation.

  • Short exposure time to distillation parameters resulting in no burning or fouling of feed.

  • Non-stop distillation of homogenized feed.

Feed/Transfer Tanks
  • Up to 500L feed and transfer.

  • Independent temperature and
    agitation control.

  • Jacketed 316L stainless steel

  • Max Temp: 200 Celsius.

  • Variable speed high temperature pumps.

  • PID computer feed control.

  • Fully programable touch screen in-terface.

  • UL 508A Listed electrical control panel.

  • Single source connection.

  • Recordable operation available.

  • System validation available.

Fully customizable systems from 5–45 KG/HR to achieve your
budget, purity and rate requirements.

CBD Modular

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