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3 Benefits of Using an Intermodal Container Platform For Your Extraction Facility

The hemp & cannabis extraction industry is booming and consumers are recognizing its vast range of applications. CBD Modular supports businesses that are entering or 

growing with the market by providing a streamline and tailored laboratory installation solution that works for you. We have transformed shipping containers into cannabis processing units that our consulting team designs and adapts to your preferences. 

Here are three benefits of having a Converted Hemp or Cannabis Extraction Container supporting your business.


1. Customization 

As a leader in the supply of modular cleanroom systems, CBD Modular has the experience and capabilities to meet both your business’ and customer’s specific needs. Each unit begins as an empty shipping container which allows our consulting and design team to produce a highly customized modular unit that is tailored to your business model and will maximize productivity. With our turnkey approach, your business will be fully equipped with our flexible, scalable, and transportable modular facilities. 

2. Portability 

As the cannabis industry grows, your business will grow with it. The need for expansion or relocation of your facility is straightforward with CBD Modular. The basis of our structures are shipping containers which means that all of our units can be delivered and relocated with ease. The mobility feature of our containers involves minimum effort and they can be repositioned with a forklift or semi-truck at any time. 

3. Pre-construction 

At CBD Modular, our goal is to get your business into production faster. By pre-constructing the modular systems made to serve as distillation and turnkey facilities, you can bring your product to market quicker than ever before. The containers are constructed to fit within your existing facility or warehouse without the need for any modifications or any in-house construction efforts. The benefit of pre-construction is that each unit fulfills the needs of all business owners ranging from new entrepreneurs that are first entering the industry to the seasoned professionals because each unit is fully equipped when it reaches your door.

Contact us today through our website to find a solution for your workflow today!

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