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C1D1: Understanding and Complying

The NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency) has set forth the criteria for classifications such as C1D1 (Class 1. Div. 1) and C1D2 (Class 1. Div. 2) in the industry and acts as a baseline for most local jurisdiction when evaluating and confirming the facilities compliance before production. A C1D1 location is a facility where ignitable gases, vapors, or liquids are present during normal operating conditions and C1D2 is where ignitable gases, vapors, or liquids which are normally contained in a closed system may leak and become present in your facility. The variability of the safety concerns at hand during the extraction process has led to local municipal and civil law enforcement to create their own regulations off the NFPA 70 standard. The NFPA is seeing the trend of the industry realized many jurisdictions are navigating through uncharted territory, which led them to create a list of growing hazardous concerns and safety issues within a cannabis-related facility.

5 of the biggest safety concerns in a cannabis-related facility by definition:

1. Egress – A crowded area of plants moved often according to their grow cycles can become a maze for first responders and workers try to exit. Lack of clear egress paths and clearly marked exit doors.

2. Comb

ustible Interior Finishes – Areas separated by tarps or other flammable materials that could create fire hazards and egress issues. Wall and ceiling finishes can increase fire spread and smoke development.

3. High Electrical Loads – High quantities of lighting, air conditioning, fans, and other systems that use a significant amount of electrical energy. Overloaded circuits and wiring that could spark fires.

4. Extraction Equipment – Lack of operator knowledge, inconsistent or incomplete peer review for approved, non-listed equipment.

5. CO2 Enrichment – Failures or leaks of CO2 enrichment systems can pose health and safety risks to employees and first responders.

Each state, county, and town will have different standards that your facility has to abide to. That is where CBD Modular can be your beginning to end solution for your facility. CBD Modular ensures that your facility will meet all local and national standards by always working with the local jurisdiction and sending them all documents needed to make sure that your facility is compliant and can operate in your location. CBD Modular offers turn-key pre-constructed laboratories which are customizable to adapt to your liking and restrictions. The complex design of your facility will thoroughly be researched and created by our consultants to ensure safety and compliance. Each facility is made to be customizable with features including entry door position, light position, size of the room, and accommodate for pre-existing extraction equipment that is needed in the unit.

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