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What is C1D1 And Why Is It Necessary For Your Extraction Facility

Hemp and cannabis extraction facilities are equipped with electrical equipment, wiring, and various chemicals in order to fully function. The elements needed in cannabis extraction lead to the classification of your location as hazardous due to the potential dangers. Our pre-constructed laboratories at CBD Modular cover all of your bases and assure that your business is compliant with Class 1 Division 1 environment requirements which keeps you safe and in production.  

Each unit is specially designed by our consulting team to meet the needs of your business. The level of detail we put into constructing your unit allows us to meet the standards of the fire marshall within your particular region to pass code or an even higher level of added quality and safety. In order to be compliant with C1D1 requirements and to mitigate the risks that come with production, there are five main features that come standard in every cannabis extraction unit that we construct:

  1. Fire suppression systems are installed to act in case of system failure

  2. Chemical monitoring devices are present and will assess the conditions of the environment and work to detect when abnormal levels have been reached 

  3. A system that reacts to harmful chemical levels that are assessed by monitoring devices in order to minimize flammability concerns 

  4. Blast-proof components are used during construction that are up to the standards of C1D1 hazardous environment requirements in case of catastrophic emergency

  5. Ventilation systems are added to regulate the concentration of present chemicals and provide the best conditions for butane extraction

At CBD Modular, we want to start your business off on the right foot. With our advanced safety measures that are customized to meet your local C1D1 standards, this is just one way that we work for you.

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