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Unexpected Industries Using CBD In Their Products

As the multitude of benefits of CBD emerge, many industries have been quick to integrate and utilize these compounds into their supply chain. For companies outsourcing specific isolates to infuse into their products, this brings issues of product quality and unnecessary expenses. CBD Modular customizes units to fit any industry’s requirements and demands. An investment in cannabis and hemp extraction units saves thousands in overhead costs and allows your business to control batch sizes which reduces sitting inventory.

Here are 5 industries that are bringing the profit closer to home by extracting CBD in house to infuse into products.

1. Farmers

  • Farmers that grow hemp have now incorporated extraction into their process in order to maximize profits.

2. Haircare Products Manufacturers

  • The haircare industry has begun to incorporate CBD into shampoos, conditioners, hair oils, and more.

3. Cosmetic Products Manufacturers

  • Infused lotions, mascaras, lip balms, eyeshadows, sunscreens, deodorants, bath bombs, facial mists, and the list goes on and on. CBD inhibits irritations of the skin and is soothing on the body which makes for a great ingredient in all beauty products.

4. Food and Drink Manufacturers

  • The calming effect associated with CBD is what makes it great for food and beverages. Sodas, sparkling waters, coffee beans, tea blends, alcohols, ice-creams, breakfast cereals, popcorns, honeys, chips, and more already have successfully taken advantage of CBD in their products and you should too.

5. Pet Product Manufacturers

  • Pain relief and anxiety support is sought after for more than just humans. Pet parents are utilizing CBD to treat their dogs needs and these products come in the form of oils, balms, soft chews, and others.

With such a wide array of applications, CBD is a premier ingredient for all business types to infuse into their products. The use is limitless and the extraction industry is only growing which makes now the perfect time to join in and maximize your profits. Contact our consulting team today to find out the feasibility of incorporating CBD extraction within your industry.

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